Manfred Mann's Earth Band The Best of Manfred Mann's Earth Band Re-Mastered Формат: Audio CD Дистрибьютор: Creature Music Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей Альбом инфо 6736y.

Living Without You; Joybringer (single version); Be Not Too Hard (single version) Данное издание в подарочном оформлении содержит 30-страничный буклет с фотографиями и дискографией группы Содержание 1 вгилщLiving Without You 2 Joybringer (single version) 3 Be Not Too Hard (single version) 4 Spirit In the Night 5 Blinded By the Light (single version) 6 Questions (single version) 7 Davy's On the road Again (single version) 8 Mighty Quinn (singleвомдт version) 9 California (single version) 10 You Angel You (single version) 11 Don't Kill It Carol 12 For You (single version) 13 Lies 14 Demolition Man (single version) 15 Runner (single version) 16 Somewhere In Africa 17 Redemption Song (live) 18 Going Underground (single version) 19 Banquet Исполнитель "Manfred Mann's Earth Band".